In the Bible, in the Book of Judges, Delilah, is the philistine woman Samson loved and the woman who was his downfall.

I needed to write this because I believe that in my life as well, I have encountered this woman called Delilah, in my case it was not a singular Delilah, but plural Delilah’s as I do not want to single out anyone and I believe I meet up with this woman in  my journey of life on a regular basis. I need to make young Christian men out there aware that Delilah exists and that they should be careful of her.

Brothers: Delilah is a Reality

I won’t lie to you, she is beautiful, she has all the right features. She has a great body, lovely personality, a killer smile, dimples, she is driven, she is everything you would want in a woman, or is she?

Maybe not, you see the thing with Delilah is that, she may have everything a man wants, but she lacks one thing, Spirituality! She does not worship the God of Israel, she worships Idols and so she leads you away from Yahweh instead of to him. Eish Dangerous, she is dangerous because she is on a mission. A mission to find out your secrets, all she wants to know is where you strength lies and so she pretends to love you, so she can destroy you.

You see the evil one wants you dead and does not want you to be saved or to enter the kingdom of heaven. He wants to prevent you from living your God given destiny and so he sends a beautiful woman, because he knows that is your weakness, He sends Delilah into your life in order to entrap you. You find joy in her but all the while, her feelings are not genuine she is at work to find a point of entry in which to allow the evil one to enter into your life and destroy you for Good.

Gentlemen, straight talk, there are a lot of beautiful, drop dead gorgeous women out there, sad reality is that some of them are Delilah. Do not get caught up in the trap like Samson did, do not think with your emotions or your testosterone . The Story exists in the Bible to warn young men like us, so please even in 2016, Delilah exists and you need to look out for her.

Samson was advised to take an Israelite woman, but no he was dead set on Delilah and id not want to hear anything. Why is it that we leave the Israelite women in our midst and chase after Delilah, philistine women out there?

Samson was warned but he refused to listen to God and in the end, he died. I have had my fair share of experiences with Delilah, trust me it does not end well.

Its like Samson and Delilah, watch your back because trouble could be the person you are in love with.


Making it in Life

Making it in life to me means progress from one point to another.
We make choices in life with regards to what we want to persue in life and bringing those wishes to life would be you making it but the question lies here where one doesnt know what they’re after, is it the successful look we are after or is it accomplishing the goals set and making a difference in the world?

I know you might be saying you’re in it for yourself but note that influence is what has a great effect on things in life. The good and the bad you see out there is because of influence, you don’t have to say anything to influence anyone but how you carry yourself or how you portray yourself to the world has an effect on the generation behind you, be it your reckless behaviour or whatever, always bear in mind that there is someone looking up to you learning from you.

Hence my question, am I after the successful look or am I here to make a difference in someones life?
You don’t have to directly have an impact on one’s life but what they see in you is what matters.
Failure would have never been a fear if it weren’t for how the next person dealt with it hence today some people are held back by the fear of failure, so whatever reaction one gave when they failed has a negative impact on people’s progress in life .
Things that we come into contact with in life has a great impact on our lives, hence the saying “Seeing is believing”

Influence is not a once off thing its a generational blessing, so our actions today have an impact on the future which lies ahead of us.
Nobody is forcing you to be what you don’t want to be but being the best at your game is what you should work towards, that graduation gown you’re wearing ignites a spark in another person’s life, that painting you just did ignites something in me.
Influence is what can change the world at large.

You might be feeling useless but always bare this in mind:
The door mat and the sitting room mat both do serve their own purpose in life, the door mat maintains the clean look in the house and the sitting room mat enhances the beauty of it.

We all are destined to making it in life it all lies in the decisions and the choices we make, but with a clear definition of “making it” we’d all make it in life.
Some people are suppressed by other people’s success because they tend to measure success in terms of materialistic things and that’s where we all fall short.

With a clear conscious of what success is we’ll all make it in life in all our respective areas of hustling.


The Inner Voice

We all have an “inner voice”, the inner voice has always been there in most of us, but has never been put to good use by others. Always questioning things in silent but never taking a stand.

So through this piece, we are now activating the inactive inner voice, when something is activated that means it is active and can be used, never let people’s views or feelings kill your inner voice, if your inner voice dies it’s going to take you with it because it is the one thing which keeps a person alive.

What people have to say does not matter, what matters most is how you take or receive what has been said. Break out of fake friendships where one is negatively pressured just for the sake of fitting in.

The inner voice is the most powerful thing within a human being which helps keep one upright and going strong.

Let us now consider what the inner voice stands for and longs for and not what the next person has to say.

In most cases we let society make choices for us and we let society affect our doings and the choices we make in life, we tend to sacrifice our inner voice to please the next person.

Everything in one’s life grows by listening to the inner voice, we see things in a different light when we listen to it and when we express what the inner voice says.

Your inner voice could be a musician but because there’s a whole lot of other people who are doing music, one is then discouraged, why, because society said so?

Your inner voice could be a preacher but because you think you are too young to preach the word of God you are then discouraged, because society said so?

Your inner voice could be a Poet but because people don’t make money in poetry, you are then discouraged and I guess that it was society again.

Why is it that when I have to make a move in life, people suddenly have opinions about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do, all along every one was quiet but now everyone is opinionated?

Well I’m sorry to say that the inner voice is a gift from God , so if you enlighten that light of yours it attracts a whole lot of things.

Your light is like an airplane, nothing helps it to fly but everything stands against it, but its designers didn’t consider what force of gravity had to say, or the wind which moves in the opposite direction, or the force of friction which lies beneath its tires but they listened to the inner voice and adhered to what it had to say.

Bad company is not the problem, what you stand for is where the problem lies, if you don’t stand firm enough you’ll fall for anything. Dont subdue to the fear of failure that’s what deprives us from taking great risks in life .
Ignite the abandoned soul.

-William Boetie Mathibe

Inspirational Writer & Speaker



The word authenticity means being original and unique in who you are. Let people love you for who you are and not what you portray yourself as because at times we tend to pretend so that people can like us and accept us.

Being authentic is you embracing the real you . Do not try to fit in because you were made to stand out , stand up tall , always embrace who you are , they will judge you for being different , but being different is what sets you apart from being like rest . Don’t sacrifice your originality to be around fake people . Don’t sacrifice your morals or beliefs to please the next person.

You are beautiful and uniquely made in the image of the Creator , so bare this in mind you are not a mistake , your flaws are what will make you shine if only you embrace them. It all starts with a confident self acceptance to being an “Authentic Being” True friendship lies within the people who will never belittle you , people who will never judge you for being yourself.

True friends will guide you not mislead you . Be an Authentic being. The bible was not written by an individual it was written by a set of writers , I can imagine the criticism they went through as writers but that never stopped them they all wanted to make a statement , so they might be saying to you there’s a whole lot of people doing music but no one can sing like you , they might be saying there’s a whole lot of designers but no one can design like you do , so stand up and make your statement .

We can be a million in one profession but the key thing is articulation and that’s what makes you stand out. Be an Authentic being!

William Boetie Mathibe
Inspirational Speaker & Writer

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The breaking of a traditional bond which was passed down to us by our surroundings, which is called “Fear”.

“Fear” is defined as a feeling that something unpleasant “may” happen.

This thing which has held me captive for years is just a “Feeling”, not just any feeling but a mounted feeling in all human beings.

A feeling is always triggered by thoughts and thoughts are triggered by actual things we come into contact with in our everyday lives, so this fear is brought about by what I have seen and heard before.

So I think it’s about time to break this “curse”; it’s time for a change!

Things will always be the same if you don’t take a stand, change starts with the person you see in the mirror every morning, the way we approach things in life needs to change, greater acceleration is brought about by the change in gear.

“Change” is where our freedom lies, be it a change in perception or a change of association.

You were born into a situation, let it not define you but let it be the reason you wake every morning so that one day you change it for the better.

Fearful responses will always keep you captive, things will always be the same, change was never easy but it is for the best.

Change is scary because we are more focused on the pain not the outcome , one cannot stay afloat with luggage you have to get rid of all unwanted luggage so you can reach greater heights.

For Christ to fulfil what was expected of him he had to leave his disciples behind so that God’s will could prevail.

A change in perspective is where it all starts, how I perceive things in life has a great effect on my progress in life.

Secondly “Self claim”, claim yourself back from where you’ve lost yourself.

Third, a “change in association” , if you want better results in life associate yourself with the better minded beings , I believe there’s a reason why business men associate themselves with other business men so that they can learn from each other and grow in life .

Be the change you want to see in the outside world, by being the change some will learn from you just by seeing you, some will be inspired by the route you’ve taken. Change is not only for you, it’s also for the future which lies before you.

Everything good or bad is always influenced by something or someone, be the influencer.

If an on coming car was approaching you whilst driving what would you do?

Don’t just say it, do it.




The Greatness of a Beginner

The first step to attaining success is beginning. You have to be a beginner.

It takes great courage for one to be a beginner, most people sit with big dreams but fear deprives them from bringing their dreams to life.

In all that one does there has to be a starting point, for a car to start moving you have to start the engine, put it into gear and then only will it move. Criticism will be there, disappointments will be there hence the “Gear and the Steering Wheel”, you are still trying to find the correct gear to move at and you are trying to steer yourself in the right direction.

A car can’t just start moving at gear number four; it has its starting point which is gear one.

You’re the leader of today, you are the writer of today there is no future, today is the future they were talking about yesterday so be the leader of today, the writer, the poet, the composer it all starts now not later because later might just be never .

I know its not nice being on the receiving side of criticism but it won’t kill you, it will only make you stronger, it all depends on how you take it.

People don’t know you, they’ve never heard you speak, and they’ve never seen your writing.

Yes you seeking recognition but you’ve done one piece and it’s been a while now, you want to be recognised, don’t just give it one shot give it your best shots; make yourself worthy to be followed.

Take a stand today and face your fears.

Why is it that every time one attempts doing something positive suddenly they get negative thoughts, why are we always negative, what are we scared of?

What is it which when you think of doing something positive puts you off?

What is that? That’s you holding yourself back.

My resolution this year is being a beginner in all that I dream of doing. I’ve learnt that a dream without an execution plan is just a hallucination, so I ought to be the speaker and the writer of today.

What is your resolution?

Have you ever asked yourself when doing something, “what if it does work out and becomes successful?”, I don’t think we have because we’ve been programmed to being these negative beings so this is the time for a shift of mindset, out with the old mentality of being a negative person and in with the new strategic mindset.

Criticism is another way of molding a person, criticism is good, it teaches one not to be over confident, it helps us stay rooted to our mark.

Criticism teaches consistency and it humbles.

If it weren’t for those haters you would have never come across your strengths which you didn’t know of, because things would’ve just been smooth and you wouldn’t have had much to do because everything would’ve been done for you.

I can imagine the criticism which came along with being one of the writers who contributed to ‘The Holy Bible’, I can imagine people saying who of these people can best describe our living God, but there’s one thing I’ve noticed that these people had the same vision, they stayed rooted to their mark, they embraced their uniqueness in their writing, be yourself in your writing.

Be the best in whatever you put your mind to, be unique in your doings and always know your mark.

You’ll hear people saying in their speech when they have achieved something ” to my haters who didn’t believe in me”, those people were meant not to like you, they were meant not to give you  a chance so you could work your butt off and prove yourself.

This is what they’ll say to you when you take a stand “you’re trying to make yourself better” and yes indeed that’s what I’m doing. That’s your response right there.

Be the beginner of today, change a life today and change your life today!



Self Worth part 2

By Boetie William

Self worth goes hand in hand with “Self Love”. All that starts from deep within, value yourself!

Don’t allow yourself to settle for a low life because you were born into that particular situation. Yes, you had no choice, you couldn’t choose but now you have a choice, be a dreamer and be a goal digger.

I believe you’ve once been to a Grocery Store, when you get to the freezers when you have to choose a “Braai Pack” of your choice, some people will continuously dig deeper into the freezer looking for that one pack which satisfies them despite how cold the freezer might be but some spare themselves the misery and they settle for whatever is there because they fear the cold.

Fear is what makes one settle for less in life, experience is a good teacher, our problem is that before we attempt doing something we just become negative about everything. If you fail, that’s good, you now know what to do in future then there is progress because you’ve learnt something which will benefit you going forward.

Putting a price tag on your name, sell yourself! Always be at your A-Game at all times because you might never know who might just recognise your work. Always do your best in whatever you do, be it packing Omo washing powder, pack it like nobody else so that tomorrow when recommendations are made your name is already at the top of the list.

Ever questioned why clothing labels carry so much weight? Like if one had to be carrying a Louis Vuitton sling bag, an original one, there would be a hype about that but why? Because they have produced the best and they have made a name for themselves through their hard work . It all takes hard work.

What matters most is “Articulation”

We can all be manufacturers of cars but the quality of our work is what will set us apart.

Hence there are only two types of car makes in the world, Mercedes Benz and the rest.

Articulation is key!


Self Worth

By Boetie William

Self worth is about valuing yourself, knowing yourself in a sense where you know where you belong and where you suppose to be and you know what’s meant for you and you getting there.

The society we live in nowadays is good at writing people off , we are very good at criticizing the next person, we are good at degrading ones dignity by demoralizing them in our speech, we speak negative things over their lives.

Now this is the time where “Self Worth” kicks in where you pick yourself up and you keep your head up high because yes you admit that you’ve made a mistake, you’ve fallen pregnant at an early age, you were involved in bad company but now you’ve learnt your lesson, you want to become a better being, you don’t want to be described by the mess that you once were, that’s your past right there and now you can see the light.

Self worth starts from deep within and is portrayed in a look which is confident and outgoing. A diamond was once worth less when it was unpolished but a man knew its “worth” he came up with a plan, he tried several ways to get it to that standard of being worthy, he kept working. It was not easy because he tried all the methods one could think of. I can imagine the criticism, you carrying this worthless thing around wasting your time and then there came a time where he’s hard work paid off and then he’s work was then recognized and a polished diamond was then brought to life and now everyone wants to get their hands on it.

Look you might be in a storm right now being judged for taking wrong decisions in life, keep working on yourself, you cannot change the past, let that be a lesson to you but you have total control of all positive outcomes which lie before you. Gear yourself into the positive route, you’re not the low life thing you thought you were back then, your mistakes are there to polish you into being this polished diamond , be consistent in your positive work it will pay of one day. Just shine bright like a diamond!

Seek no comfort in the comfort of human beings for they cannot be confirmed.


A Goal

By Boetie William
Something which gives one direction in life, ones purpose will be to fulfil the goal being set and according to this particular person when the goal is fulfilled success is then attained.

Then there comes a time of difficulty, where obstacles are now evident where pot holes become visible, but why?

They are mainly to shape and to prepare that person for the future ahead of them, “How so”?
In order for a tree to grow tall it has to be trimmed, and that’s what your challenges are meant to do, to shape you like a tall tree into becoming a confident being in life. The winds up there are much stronger so whatever stones they’ve thrown at you in the past you must use them to build a firm foundation in preparation for the strong winds you are going to be faced with in the near future.
What sets you apart from the rest is what we call “Articulation”, in whatever you do be the best you could ever be. Look if it feels right, Don’t Stop!
“Consistency” brings about results in life, if you water a garden and look after it constantly, it will look nice and it will bare the fruits you long expected to see, so you have to feed your brain in order for it to give good results, a gearbox will never work effectively if it is only used after a while but if it is being used everyday and it goes through its service then it will work more effectively.

Reading is good for the brain , it enriches your vocabulary and activates your reasoning capacity , people who read more are mostly informed about what ever is happening around them , so studying is not only about memorizing its also about understanding, look, whatever you’re learning now you will apply in reality.


What’s keeping you from being the best you could ever be is it that you’re too worried about the next persons thought on how they perceive what you’re doing, whether they agree or disagree.

Your dreams will never be unlocked by another man’s thought but only by your perseverance.

In life you should always have the last say when coming to your “Progress”. Yes society is very quick at writing people off, they’ll say things like who do you think you are? what are you doing? you think you are better! don’t live to please the next being, don’t degrade yourself just to fit in, don’t strive to be in the good books of your friends but strive to be the best you could ever be. A “Goal” is the most important thing in life, because it gives one motivation to carry on, to keep going.



Forbidden Fruit

Genesis 3:4 “You Shall Not Surely Die”

You must be thinking I’ve heard this before, But I’m coming at this from another angle, give me a chance.

The deception from the Serpent, The Old Saying, “You shall not surely Die”, instead if you eat you will know Good and Evil and be like God.

So was Eve just in wanting to eat from the tree because she just wanted to be more like God?

Ohk, I’m drifting, that’s not what this article is about, I want to talk about the Forbidden Fruit in the context of our choices of the people we choose to be romantically involved with as young people, christian young people to be more specific

*penny drops*

I’ve seen in my life, and in the lives of many other young people in the Church (no offence) that we are attracted to the forbidden fruit.

I know he or she is not good for me, but I just want to see, or but it feels so good, it seems right.

The Bible says the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, looked good for food, it was pleasant to the eyes but eating the fruit resulted in the Fall of man.

Young people, can we be honest for change, Just for once?

In our choices in terms of the people we date, we often come across the forbidden fruit, that guy (girls) or that girl (guys), who is just irresistible, pleasing to the eyes and to the heart, but who has the potential of causing our destruction and distancing us from God, But that we want anyway and want Badly, Eish!

We know that God said not to eat, we know that the Bible says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, but we are questioning the validity of what we have been told, we wonder to ourselves whether God really knows what he is talking about and the Serpent comes through to convince us that, hey, You shall not surely die and so many of us end up eating of the Forbidden Fruit.

The issues of the heart are very sensitive, I know, some of our young people have values, morals, standards, but spending time at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and spending time starring at the forbidden fruit causes us as young people to go in and have a bite.

I’m actually not writing this to warn our young people about the forbidden fruit and about dating people that we know are not good for us because I know we already know that, we know what to do, we know what is right, many can agree with what I am saying, I am writing this to ask that we be HONEST and be able to tell ourselves the truth and wake up from whatever imaginary world we are living in.

The greatest Tragedy is that we Lie to ourselves because we are scared of the truth, We are scared of admitting that we have allowed our emotions to be lord over us and we have allowed ourselves to be involved with people we know are not good for us. We try to silence the voice of the Holy Spirit, who from time to time, talks to us and reminds us where we are, convicts us and calls us out, but we ignore that voice, and surrender to what feels good, rather than what is right.

Lying to oneself is the greatest tragedy, being in a state of denial and ignorance is the worst thing that can happen to a person, you cannot conquer what you don’t admit and so I sympathize with every young person out there who is struggling with resisting the Forbidden Fruit because I struggle with it too but moreover I mourn all those who continue to live in a state of denial because I know how life wrecking that can be as well.
So I pray, I don’t know who this is for, but if you can relate to this, I pray that you can find it in yourself, and I pray that I can find it in myself as well, to firstly wake up to the truth in my life and that you can wake up to the truth in your life as well, in terms of where you are and what you struggle with, I realized I struggled with resisting the Forbidden Fruit and I was impressed to write this, and I pray that you and I would trust God to know that when God commands us not to eat of the Forbidden Fruit he is not trying to deprive you and I but he is trying to protect us, that it is in our best interest that we stay away from the tree.

It is difficult to wait for the right person, the person that is really meant for us and sometimes it seems as if we will never find that person and so we settle for the forbidden fruit. but I want to encourage you and say, God’s delays and not his denies.




Breaking Into the South African Professional Speaking Industry


Speaking has been my passion ever since I learnt how to talk I believe. Not speaking in general but addressing a crowd. Childhood memories come to mind of how at pre-school age and even younger, I memorized Bible Scriptures and would recite them for Church people and family at family gatherings. I started singing at a young age as well and my mother would make me sing for other people whenever there was a chance.

I loved the reactions I got from people even from that young age, a seed for the love of this gift was planted in me at an early age. People would say I should become a Pastor or Preacher when I grow up and as fate would have it, in High School, I felt God’s calling on my life and decided I wanted to pursue Pastoral Ministry as my life’s work and so I studied Theology after High School. A Career that involves a lot of public speaking, something I really love doing.

One thing I immediately realized when I got to Helderberg College in the Western Cape that completely changed my life and perspective is that there were other people like me, who loved speaking and had come to the institution to also nurture, grow their talent of speaking and leadership and realize their God given dreams. This was positive yet challenging for me at the same time because remember before I came into the institution I thought I was a really good speaker, I was the best from my small hometown of Ennerdale, from my local church. I was always praised and I thought I would receive the same treatment and recognition at Helderberg, I thought it would be easy for me in no time to make a name for myself at the institution and around Cape Town and it would be a great 4 years for me.

Well needless to say, I was wrong, No one praised me there, in fact many of us first year Theology Students, were not even allowed to stand on the pulpit, we were told we could not Preach that whole year, we would only be allowed to preach after completing our first year. The thing that I loved the most and thought I was good at was in a way taken away from me. Even when we did preach, there was a lot of criticism and faultfinding by the Senior students, invites from Church’s off campus were rare, unless you had connections or Knew people in Cape Town of which I knew none and so it was a challenging year for me a and even the years to follow were going to be challenging for me. In comparison with other Great Speakers from my faculty in terms of experience and talent I ranked really low.

Other speakers had more connections than I did, they had more experience than I did, greater content and ability to deliver on the pulpit. And were in greater demand than I was and so I realized or began to think, Hey! I’m not a great speaker after all. I started to doubt myself and my ability to speak. I did not see how I could possible measure up with my colleagues. This was devastating for me because I loved speaking and I thought this was my life’s purpose but now I was on my own, there were no more people to praise me, there was no affirmation, all there was now, was self-doubt and fear for the pulpit.

I thank God for the Exposure to other great Speakers and Preacher’s at Helderberg College because there I got exposed to all the great speakers in the whole of South Africa and I think it gave me great humility for the game and eventually  I got to learn a lot from many experienced guys. It was good for me to experience what I experienced for me to know that in order to be counted among the greats, I needed to grind and really work on my craft and learn as much as I could from others and most importantly to realize that becoming a great speaker and preacher is not an overnight thing and it is not automatic.

And so I have since dedicated myself to learning from others, to also self-assessing being honest with the level I am at as a Speaker and Preacher and what I need to do to get to the next level and most importantly being patient not rushing the process. To be honest its 2016 now, I am 22 years Old and I have Big Dreams. I still really do love speaking and I am working, doing the best I can to improve myself as a speaker and also trying to widen my audience reach and grow as a Speaker.

It is not an easy process, Its going to take time but this time I am willing to embrace the process and not rush it. I have come up with ways to get myself out there as a Speaker and one of the ways is through Social Media, Facebook, soundcoud, YouTube. I am building a social media presence for myself on these platforms. My current project being making short motivational audio clips, and making them available for download on the internet and streaming on platforms like soundcloud and YouTube. It is going good for now and I need support in this initiative.

I make motivational clips on various topics, mostly motivation, encouraging others and also religion, theology, I make them short and exciting with music in the background. I have been blessed to have a friend who produces the clips for me, who edits them and makes sure when they come out they sound great. I believe this is my way of breaking into the Speaking Industry in South Africa, putting lasting material out there for free and getting exposure with every motivational clip I make. I kindly ask for your support by downloading the motivational clips, sharing it with others, so that the audience can grow and more people could know that Zamokuhle Masondo aka The Prodigalson exists, he loves speaking and he would like to make the world a better place by spreading positive messages, starting right here in South Africa.

To get the Download links Follow me on Social Media:

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Thanks a lot for your Support, In Advance!

“Its the possibility of achieving a dream that makes life interesting.”

protest-mic         -Unknown